First-Learning-Australia-39First Learning aims to provide a challenging and developmentally appropriate program for each child.  Our 0-5 years curriculum is based on the Early Years Framework and strives to achieve the following learning outcomes.

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

The framework has a strong emphasis on learning through play. Children are given the opportunity to learn through stimulating and challenging activities, appropriate to their age group.

Our staff record these experiences in both your child’s learning portfolio, and in the daybook.  The learning portfolio can be viewed at any time in your child’s room, and will be given to you to take home at the end of the year. The daybook and portfolios can be accessed via the parent portal for easy viewing.

The daybook consists of a summary of the activities that take place each day. It is a way for you to see what your child was able to experience throughout the day, and a way for you to communicate your thoughts and ideas with the staff.  The daybook can be found by logging into the parent portal on our website.

First-Learning-Australia-61All our staff are encouraged to fill out a daily learning log. This is a personal record of the each staff members learning experiences each day.  Staff are able to record and reflect on observations, experiences and ideas. The learning log is then used to assist in the programing and recording of evaluations for each room.

The curriculum is available for viewing each day via the centre, or online through either the use of our mobile app or parent portal and focuses on the following key components

First Science

The science program encourages the children to get hand on and involved in both individual and group experiences. They can ask questions, explore and investigate experiences,  reporting their observations and forming conclusions.

First Arts

The Art  Studio and Family Rooms house the First Arts program. The Art Studio involves various materials and methods of creating a child’s individual masterpiece. The Family Rooms were designed to cater for the music and movement programs. They are home to The Jigsaw Dancing Classes, as well as our Drama and Music programs. The First Arts program extend the child’s artistic experiences in the form of art, music, theatre, dance and expressive movement developing self confidence along the way.

First Language

The language program involves literacy rich elements, encouraging learning through speaking, reading, writing and listening.

First Learning Australia also includes the Aboriginal Language spoken by the Darug People, Dharug, throughout the centre. Educators teach the children words and phrases that were used and spoken by the Aboriginal People.

The benefits of learning a second language include

  • Improved memory
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved knowledge of “mother tongue”
  • Better communication
  • Increased self confidence.

First Mathematics

The maths program explores counting, sorting problem solving and patterning. Educators provide children with a creative and inviting array of activities to cater for all children’s various ways of learning.

First Environment

“Honouring The Past, Visioning The Future”.

We encourage children to explore the  various cultures, heritages and environments in Our World. Sustainability is taught and encouraged daily, and we provide focus on  respecting the world we share, as well as the people who share it.

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The First Friendships Program teaches the children about social interaction, and how to communicate effectively with their peers, teachers and community. It assists children in articulating their emotions and prepares them for future experiences including the school years. The children learn how to be express their emotions to one another, and prepares them for real situations. Educators have been taught how to include this program in everyday play, further cementing these teachings in their overall curriculum.

First Aware

Educators have undergone Child Protection Training, and Road Safety Training. They are able to incorporate  this training into our First Awareness Program, which teaches life skills to children of all ages. The focus is on creating awareness, self confidence and effective communication skills. Children are encouraged to use their voice and taught how to identify dangers and find safety, in a fun and safe environment. The Curriculum will clearly detail the lesson focus for the week, and we encourage families to extend this into the home environment.

School Readiness

The School Readiness Programme has been designed to cater for children who will be attending school the following year. It is taught by our specialist school readiness teacher. The aim of the School Readiness Programme is to familiarise children with the routines, experiences and expectations they will encounter at school. It also enables the children to approach their transition to school with confidence and enthusiasm.

In addition to teaching the First Learning Curriculum, we help to teach children to respect their belongings, and how to look after them when they are at “Big School”. The children involved in this program participate in a lunch box day once a week from term 3 to teach the children how to access their lunch items and correctly pack their bags and belongings away.