At First Learning Australia, all meals are cooked daily on the premises using fresh and seasonal ingredients. We use fresh produce from our gardens, when available, and encourage the children to participate in meal time preparation where appropriate.  Our trained cook has a Certificate in Safe Food Handling and Menu Planning as well as many years of experience in hospitality.

The menu is planned, incorporated and evaluated in conjunction with families and educators while taking into account the recommendations outlined in the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Five Food Groups and requirements under the National Law.

We ensure that there is a balance of nutritional ingredients from all food groups offered throughout the day, and over 50% of your child’s daily recommended dietary intake is provided on a daily basis. At the end of each cycle the menu is evaluated according to the popularity of each meal and adjusted accordingly. Our cook is always keeping up to date on new ways to keep meals interesting and nutritious for children. and we invite and encourage parent input into the menus by offering opportunities for you to give us ideas or suggestions at anytime.

We recognise that some children may have special dietary requirements; therefore we offer alternative meals to cater to the individual needs of all children.

Our philosophy runs right through all our planning, activities, learning and even our meals. We believe in a partnership between home and the centre. Our 4 week menu plan has made it easy for parents to plan their own evening meals since they know what their child will be eating at First Learning Australia during the day.

Meal times are social times and opportunities for rich interactions and valuable discussions.  Our Dining Room is set up in inviting and socially encouraging manners to provoke group discussions and interactions.

Our Menu:

  • The 4 Week Menu is available for viewing in the Dining Room
  • Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables accompany both Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea
  • Milk or yoghurt is offered as a dairy component at Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea
  • Lunch meals consist of a variety of red and white meats and vegetarian dishes
  • Vegetables are served with every lunch meal
  • Additional meals will be prepared and provided for children with dietary requirements including allergies, as well as those from families with cultural or religious requirements. Our cook is trained to ensure the risk of cross contamination is minimised, particularly in the preparation of food for children with special requirements.
  • Water is accessible to all children at all times of the day