Meet Our Centre Pets

Betty, Brucey, Harley and Natalia are our much loved pet chickens. Raised by the Simons family, they are friendly members of the First Learning Family. The chickens love to have visitors bring them yummy snacks, and in return lay plenty of eggs for the children to collect.

Betty is a Silkie chicken, with white soft feathers. She is the boss, and will let everyone know it with her loud chattering! She lays small white eggs and is happy to raise our baby chicks when given the chance.

Brucey is a Isabrown chicken. She is the larger of the two Isabrowns, and is a little more shy than Harley. She will warm up to you after a few visits, but likes to stand at a distance. Brucey lays large brown eggs.

Harley is a Isabrown chicken. She is the friendliest of the chickens, eager to come and say hello, and will let you pat her while she eats. She lays large brown eggs.

Natalia is our chicken. She is white in colour, and lays medium sized brown eggs. She is a cheeky chicken who is always on the move!

Some Fun Facts:

  • Each chicken has it’s own quirky and unique personality.
  • Their favourite snack is a serving of soaked oats, hand fed using a wooden spoon
  • Our chicken’s have great memories, so be kind because they will remember you!