First Learning Australia features many unique characteristics.


The Curriculum

The Curriculum is based on the Early Years Framework and provides a challenging and developmentally appropriate program for each child. For more details about The Curriculum Click Here

Homely Environment

We are proud of our larger than regulation required learning spaces, and unique environment. Our homely and inviting spaces reflect our Centre Philosophy and way of learning. Each room is designed to resemble a family home, and specifically to cater for individual age group needs. We have limited the numbers in each room, creating smaller group sizes, for example, the 0-12 month age group room has a maximum number of 7 children.  This along with the warm, soft spaces assists ease the settling in process.

We encourage families to bring in family photos for our family walls, which create a sense of familiarisation for each child.

Dining Room

The children eat their meals in our family dining room which adjoins our centre kitchen. They are able to view the food being prepared, assist in aspects of meal time where possible. This space was designed to cater for all children to eat together as a family and resembles meal time at home. Weather permitting, they are also encouraged to eat their meals outside as a family.



First Learning Australia features a library, and each class has a chance to visit the library daily . The Children are given the opportunity to select the books themselves for their classroom and can enjoy story time in this calm and cosy environment.

Family Rooms

Our FamilyRoom is a multipurpose room that is used for a variety activities including music and movement and group games.

Art Studio

Our art studio is available to each age group throughout the day, and encourages children to express themselves and their emotions through creativity.

Centre Family Program

Family involvement plays a beneficial role in a successful childcare centre. We encourage immediate and extended family to visit when convenient and get involved in aspects of the children’s day. We celebrate all generations throughout the year, and welcome any contribution you may have to offer. Families are also encouraged to bring in photographs. These can be displayed in the classroom, sleep rooms or used alongside the resources to support the Centre Philosophy and Curriculum.

Our Pets

IMG_2248Ellen and her family raised our pet chickens Natalia, Ariel and Susie in their family home.  They have now moved the pets into their beautiful new home at First Learning Australia, Lane Cove.  The chickens are part of the family, and love when the children come to visit (especially with some yummy treats)!

Our pet bunnies, Coco and Cloudy love to eat the fresh herbs from our garden and enjoy cuddles with the children each day.

Our Sustainable Yard

Our yard is home to the native gardens, vegetable gardens, herb gardens, fruit trees and pets. The children are encouraged to assist in picking the vegetables, salad and herbs, from the gardens in preparation for meal times. We have used recyclable materials when developing the outdoor area, included a rain water tank for the garden watering and compost bins are available.  One of many sustainable methods taught to the children is to pour any left over water from their cups. A small but effective step in maintaining a sustainable yard. Home to our pet chickens, the eggs are collected from the chickens daily, and are used in the children’s meals when possible.  We have recycled and repurposed many items thought the yard, encouraging sustainability and a sustainable way of life.

Our Playground

Our outdoor playgrounds are a special place for the children to explore nature at their own pace. We have filled our gardens with native plants, and designed unique learning areas within each space for them to explore. We also have used real grass in areas, allowing the children to feel the grass and play as they would at home or at the park. There are a variety of learning experiences available throughout the yard, and the children have the opportunity to extend their indoor play and learning, to the outside environment.